Welcome to RSSystems !


Since 1991 the engineering office „ RSSystem“ is a reliable partner in developing micro-electronic systems for corporations or enterprises. 


Our business group consists  4 independent partners:  The engineering office RSSystem and as development company two producers with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive electronics and industrial electronics and also a circuit board manufacturer.


In this composition we are able to develop and produce customized systems starting at orders of 10 pieces.


On the basis of our projects and the matching DEMO we are able to develop quickly customized designs for small medium and large series.


The RFID products which are developed by our company are used by many costumers of the EU. Among other things like Industrial Automation , Animal ID , Access Control , Management of Conference/Events participants a.o.


Our automotive products are used by well-known companies such as MAN AG, Neoplan AG, ÖAF, Steyer AG, Volvo Deu., Caterpillar, Deutz AG, Siemens VDO AG


Furthermore  we as a provider assume the development of new projects, prototypes and PCB designs.


Our DEMO RFID systems and modules can be used especially as a basis for further developments for the requirements of our clients or as extensible systems for home users.


The desired product characteristics are always set by our sales engineers in a issue.



RSSystems Team